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SOB 1 is the first issue of a garbage antiart art magazine with original work --poems, paintings, doodles, and memes-- by friends and special strangers
It is not for sale anywhere.

Featuring:@coryintheabyss @mungojerryfan @8n.66 @keikoartkeiko @theroadwarrior_

Each issue comes with 12 x 18 poster of ANAL by @coryintheabyss

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Inert VR goggles were hung in a place with instructions for strangers to send me selfies wearing them. Portraits with acrylic and ink were painted and distributed to selfie-senders free of charge:

Exhibited Here: 04/02-08


A/V Installs + Streams

A/V samples from old computers, videogame consoles, DVDs, and VHSs chopped together to make music video salads. Displayed on custom built but badly programmed raspberry-pi computers. Looped infinitely. Not sure where yet.

Audio Streaming Here


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Alex works with magazines + computers + garbage. He learned to code at a young age a.k.a. true prodigy. He grew up in Hong Kong & New York City.

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