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Current Projects

SOB_mag: 1st Issue

Doodles, memes, poetry, and stories; collated/curated via tinder, PS1, instagram, and Bianca's party. Distributed via backpack to enemies of the state

Featuring: @coryintheabyss @mungojerryfan @_mandapaige_ @8n.66 @katalexvlasova @elliott.jerome @theroadwarrior_

Pick it Up 04/02-06

Selfie_portraits: Ongoing

Strangers send me selfies with goggles on.Two portraits are made: One Hifi w/ acrylic + ink, the other a Lofi digital GIF displayed on Raspberry Pi 3 + 3.5" TFT screen. Teaser Vid Below:
Showing 04/02-06

Lofi_AV: ongoing

A/V samples from old computers, videogame consoles, anime, and VHS. Spliced together to make music.

Streaming Here


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Alex works with garbage + print + video + computers. He learned to code at a young age a.k.a. true prodigy. He grew up in Hong Kong & New York City.

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